Dragon quest 4 hero
Name: Hero (Can choose name)
Age: 18
Classification: Chosen One
Battle Style: Swords and Magic
Chapter Introduced: Prologue

This page has minor spoilers from the beginning of the game to the half-way point in Chapter 5 unless warned otherwise.

The Hero is an 18 year old boy/girl (you can choose your gender as well as your name) who was hidden from the world by his overly protecting parents. Living in a small unnamed hamlet for his whole life, he had no idea of his Dragonian orgins and his duty as a Chosen One. His adopted parents refuse to tell him of this up to the day that Psaro's minions destroyed the village and killed all of its inhabitants who didn't escape. Destined to be a hero, he sets off on his quest to defeat Psaro.


As most Dragon Quest games, the main character has none of this trait whatsoever to add to the effect of "you" being the hero. In the whole game, the character never speaks once, nor gives a suggestive thought of ever speaking at all unless answering a question, in which case you have a selection of appropriate answers. In Dragon Quest IV, this theme is exaggerated even more than the other games. In most, there is at least one scene where there is narration such as, "'Hero' tells the wise old man of his travels" or something of the sort. In this game, you always tell the person directly or do not say anything.



Hero had two foster parents who took him for an unknown reason. His true mother was a Zenithian, and his father a human, and results in only the eldest of the inhabitants of Zenithia truly welcomed him to the sky. He had a friend named Eliza who dies protecting Hero. She is magicly revived in the ending movie, however. Funnily enough, if you go back to Hero's starting town post-game, Eliza is not there anymore, the only appearance is in the ending movie. His fighting teacher taught him the swordplay he uses today, and also gives him 'The Big Book of Beasts'. His teacher and Eliza were probably the ones closest to him, from the looks of the Prologue he only saw his parents at meals, while his teacher and him spent hours training together. He also had a magic teacher, but didn't have the small character build that the others did. He has few other connections apart from his hometown, the Chosen Ones and the Zenith Dragon. He had connections to the Chosen Ones since birth, but was oblivious of this until Meena tells him otherwise when she reads his palms. She and Maya join Hero in his quest and search of others with this trait.

Spoilers end here.

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